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Learn to use Objective-C, Xcode, and Interface Builder to develop native iPad applications. Our Professional iPad Application development course has been developed to give developers an intensive introduction to the key hardware features and APIs available to create Line of Business apps for iPad. Our fast-paced, hands-on courses will get you comfortable quickly with the language, tools, and frameworks, while giving you deep insight into the underlying concepts of iPad development.


Professional iPad Developer courses teach students how to use modern software engineering practices to develop an increment of potentially shippable functionality using a specific technology. Taught by experienced iPad developers, these courses will help you get started, or advance your skills, in the wonderful new world of iPad application development via an interactive student-teacher environment, which is both fun and easy to learn.


We offer an excellent iPad development class which takes you from novice to iPad developer within 4 months. As our company is already engaged with iPad application development, our experienced team of developers and tutors have created and refined the course based on a proven system that works and recognized as per the current industry’s requirements.


We ignite sound programming skills on the SDK to translate that great idea you have, into reality. Once you get the right hang of the iPad SDK you are all set to market your cool applications on the iPhone Store and make money in real time!


The course fits for,


Beginner or an Intermediate level developer: If you are beginner in programming and want to jump onto the iPad Apps development bandwagon and start making money.


Experienced: If you would like to master iPad Development through a step-by-step system and want to learn each cycle of development of iPad application


Self Employed: If you have an iPad App Idea or dreamed of creating one that you believe could be the next potential blockbuster on the App Store. You can sell your application of apple store and earn unbelievable income.


Raise your earning potential: If you have a job and would like to get an immediate hike in your salary by adding this much sought after programming language to your skill set.


Freelancers: If you want to work as a freelancer that gets paid $30 to $40 per hour to write iPad code, in a global market that currently has a short supply and high demand for iPad coders.


Don’t hesitant to take your first step towards starting to learn iPad Development, and don’t afraid of investing your time and money in a system just contact us for free consultation today.


This course will teach you:

  1. Write iPhone and iPad applications
  2. Use XCode to manage the application development project, and to compile, edit, and debug your applications
  3. Run your application on a device
  4. Use Interface Builder to design a user interface
  5. Integrate iPad interface elements like buttons, switches, and sliders into your application
  6. Work with views and view controllers
  7. Work with navigation controllers, tables, and pickers
  8. Integrate multimedia into your applications to create sound effects, and to play audio and video clips
  9. Read and write data to and from the file system and the Internet
  10. Respond to touch controls and gestures
  11. Manipulate images
  12. Perform animation
  13. Save and restore your application’s data


What You Will Learn In The iPad Training Program?

  1. Web-based vs. Native Application
  2. Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and the iPad SDK
  3. iPad OS Frameworks
  4. iPad Application Development Overview
  5. Some Quick Reviews
  6. Debugging Techniques
  7. Running Your App on a Device
  8. Application Execution and MVC
  9. Screen Geometry
  10. The iPhone and iPad Coordinate System
  11. Understanding Views and View Controllers
  12. Programming for the iPad

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