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Smartphone application development is leading the way in today’s digital revolution. Over 1.4 billion wireless subscribers are predicted by the end of 2010, 452 million smart phones are forecast to be sold in 2012 and 6.7 billion applications are estimated to be downloaded by 2014.


This is a course designed for a brilliant start to programming for Symbian OS smart phones / Mobile Phones. The course consists of sessions that introduce the all the essential concepts in great detail, accompanied by a lab session that consists of examples and exercise that help in understanding how to use these concepts. Assignments and puzzles that help a student gauge his learning.


Our four months Symbian Application development Training enable you to create real time application which will be uploaded in app stores. Our training program is not only a valuable experience but also a structured and supervised. This program will boast your qualification, work experience, marketability and increases your career opportunities. Our committed experts will be available all the time to assist students. Their deep domain Expertise helps the interns to learn faster and develop the applications.


This is a course carefully designed to give a quick start into Mobile Application Development for Symbian OS Phones, while providing exposure to all the essential concepts. The training methodology adopted gets you started with using the concepts through programming. There is no better way to get started with programming for Symbian!



Learn how to create a Symbian application from scratch on the Symbian SDK and learn how to use the concepts to program for the Symbian and see how you can make your Apps compatible so they run across the Symbian. You will work with our real time App development team and understand business requirements to development life cycle. This helps you to develop real life applications with ease.


The course fits for,


Beginner or an Intermediate level developer: If you are beginner in programming and want to jump onto the Symbian Apps development bandwagon and start making money.


Experienced: If you would like to master Symbian Development through a step-by-step system and want to learn each cycle of development of Symbian application


Self Employed: : If you have a Symbian App Idea or dreamed of creating one that you believe could be the next potential blockbuster on the App Store. You can sell your application of apple store and earn unbelievable income.


Raise your earning potential: : If you have a job and would like to get an immediate hike in your salary by adding this much sought after programming language to your skill set.


Freelancers: : If you want to work as a freelancer that gets paid $30 to $40 per hour to write Symbian code, in a global market that currently has a short supply and high demand for Symbian coders.


Don’t hesitant to take your first step towards starting to learn Symbian Development, and don’t afraid of investing your time and money in a system just contact us for free consultation today.


What You Will Learn In The Symbian Training Program?

  1. Introduction to Symbian OS
  2. Symbian OS Development Tools
  3. Developing Programs
  4. System Structure
  5. Resource and Memory Management
  6. Descriptors
  7. Dynamic Arrays
  8. Active Objectss
  9. Using Servers

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